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Staircase light installation



II. Budapest

dimension: H: 9m, W: 0,6 m

structure: acryl, Onix, stainless steel

light: RGB led

light source: 12 V, 3x86,4 W, 3x3600 lm

cable: transparent

weight: 150 kg

suspension: 3 points

year: 2015

The architectural concept of the Budapest family house is modern and grand, which the interior design reflects.

The hardness of the glass-stone-wood materials of the house are balanced by the beauty of quality materials and the harmony of the art pieces, which make the interior feel more homely. The interior design follows the construction concept of the building: consistent use of materials, the sharpness of lines and geometric shapes. luxury, design, lamp

Architect: ZDA - Zoboki Gábor

Demeter Design Studio - Demeter Nóra

Interior Designer: Sandroza Ltd. - Csavarga Rózsa, T1 Architect: Török Szabolcs Bence

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